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Diploma and Master in Advanced European Studies

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The higher education of the European College of Parma Foundation is geared to providing an in-depth interdisciplinary and multi-cultural study programme on the process of European integration.

Understanding the mechanisms that regulate the delicate process of European integration and learning to live and work in international contexts are among the main targets of the Foundation through the Diploma and University Master in Advanced European Studies. The educational programme prepares students for careers in EU, national and local institutions, professional associations, the corporate world and private practice.

The study programme of the European College of Parma Foundation covers one academic year and is divided into two phases.

The first phase includes teaching activities over two semesters (October to January, and February to July). Exams take place in the months of February and June/July. Students who successfully pass such exams obtain a first qualification: the Diploma in Advanced European Studies (DAES).

The second phase starts in July, after second semester exams. DAES graduates have the possibility to achieve a second qualification, University Master’s Degree in Advanced European Studies, by writing a dissertation on a European issue related to one course or seminar of the DAES programme under the supervision of one of the professors of the College. The dissertation must be discussed within a date specified on a yearly basis.

The  academic staff includes top officials from European Institutions, university professors as well as experts in European issues. Training is thus not only theoretical but also practical, especially as a result of the hands-on experience of officials from European Institutions.

Working languages

Three languages are used in teaching activities: English, French and Italian, with English prevailing as working language. During the first weeks of the study programme, students attend introductory courses on economics, law and political science, as well as intensive language courses in the three working languages (English, French and Italian as foreign language).

Programme Structure

Intensive language courses (English, French, Italian) - Introductory courses (Macroeconomics, Law, Political Theory)

History of European integration - EU institutions - European legal system

Single European market and integration economy - European competition law

first half examination

EU monetary policy and economic governance - EU finance, research policy and planning

Study trip to Brussels - Regulated sectors, energy, transport, technology

Food safety, health and environment

EU external action and immigration / Project Work


secon semester exam

Admission requirements

The Diploma in Advanced European Studies (DAES) is designed especially for graduates in legal, political, economic and social sciences, as well as in languages and humanities.

Other university backgrounds will be reviewed and considered eligible if they are in line with the DAES study programme.

With regard to language requirements, candidates must prove to hold at least the following language skills (levels are given in accordance with the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages):

  • English : B1 or higher;
  • Italian or French : A1 or higher.

Deadlines for applying

  • Upcoming deadline: 2 July 2019
  • Final deadline: 2 September 2019


The European College of Parma Foundation may provide a limited number of partial scholarships for the Diploma and Master in Advanced European Studies (DAES) to support access for valuable students who are willing to specialise in European Studies, but who cannot afford the ordinary enrolment fee for financial reasons. For further information on availability of partial scholarships and relevant terms and conditions, see the Foundation Web site.


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+39 0521 207525

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