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Applied Data Science (M.Sc.)

Frankfurt School of Finance & Management

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Master in Applied Data Science

The MSc in Applied Data Science is a response to the demand from across different industries for business savvy data scientists with the collaborative skills to match. This 4-Semester programme, designed for students interested in applying computational data science to contemporary business problems, equips students with the technical skills, business domain knowledge, and critical judgment to navigate the modern data ecosystem.

Our students will gain hands-on experience in solving real-world data science problems from our prominent industry partners, such as Innoplexus, Commerzbank, and PwC. Additionally, our students will have exclusive extended access to and participate in current projects run by these and other industry partners. 


  • A combination of applied Machine Learning, Data Science and Business
  • Problem Solving
  • Ethical ramifications of the fourth wave of industrialisation
  • Extended co-op company projects in cooperation with leading companies throughout third and fourth semesters
  • Learn through cross-functional communication & collaborative work
  • Take part in our Hackathons
  • Continuously monitor and receive meaningful feedback on your progress
  • Work on real-life cases guided by professionals in the industry
  • Flexible programme structure allowing part-time employment with our 3 Day Model


Our students will master core data science and machine learning concepts, as well as the art and science of problem decomposition and solving. They will be able to identify business needs and wants, as well as problems, and propose relevant solutions using machine learning tools and by applying sophisticated statistical techniques. To do this, they will collect, transform and visualize data, create data models, as well as run predictions and simulations.

In a nutshell: The Frankfurt School of Finance & Management Master in Applied Data Science Programme provides the skills required to recognise and meet the data science wants of contemporary business, across-function and with an understanding of the connected ethical ramifications.

Semester 1 and 2

  • Mandatory foundation courses in machine learning & data analytics
  • Intro to data science ecosystem processes & data-driven decision making
  • Deep Learning
  • Real-life business use cases (solving existing and past cases with guest experts) and core courses
  • Electives to tailor your learning experience

Semester 3 and 4

  • Further real-life business use cases (entrepreneurial and start-up approach)
  • Text Mining and NLP
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Exclusive & contemporary,extended company project
  • Further electives to tailor your learning experience
  • Final project/ thesis

Ideal Candidates

Our pre-experience Master programme is designed for students with an interest in developing cross-functional problem decomposition and solving skills by applying machine learning technology and data science, as well as business domain knowledge and critical judgment to navigate the modern data ecosystem.

Learning Experience

Frankfurt School applies a practical approach to your studies by preparing you for the realities of data science in the working world. We do this by strengthening your statistical, mathematical and computational skills, and through exposing you to every day working life as part of our cooperative company projects. Our guest lectures by external professionals with current knowledge of the market bring relevant and valuable cases to be solved in the classroom.


On completion of the Master in Applied Data Science you will be qualified to connect the dots for businesses. These companies, including the Big Four, are seeking experts who understand specific wants and needs and can provide relevant solutions for genuine business transformations.

Job opportunities will include but not be limited to Data Analyst; Business Analyst; Data Visualisation Engineer, Internal Data Science Consultant and new roles in all sectors that are experiencing digital transformation.

Degree: Master of Science (M.Sc.)
Duration: 4 Semester | full-time
Language:  EN


Frankfurt School of
Finance & Management
Adickesallee 32-34
60322 Frankfurt am Main
Phone:: 069 154008-0
Email: info@frankfurt-school.de

Alisa Walker
Student Recruitment Officer
Marketing & Recruitment
Phone: 069 154008-132
E-Mail: a.walker@no-spamfs.de

Eleanor Stephen
Student Recruitment Officer
Marketing & Recruitment
Phone: 069 154008-228
E-Mail: e.stephen@no-spamfs.de

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