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Automotive Systems (M.Eng.)

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In recent years, automotive systems have increased in number, scope and complexity. The automotive industry is faced with an enormous challenge: the competition in this field is strong and the requirements in the areas of cost, active and passive safety, and fuel economy are increasing steadily. These challenges can only be met by expanding and cross-linking present automotive systems. In spite of their increasing complexity, systems with greater safety, availability, reliability and reduced fuel consumption have to be realised.

As the Esslingen University of Applied Sciences is located in the very heart of the European automotive industry, students benefit from our close links to the many industrial companies situated in the area. Among these are global players such as Audi, Behr, Bosch, Daimler, Porsche and Festo. Through company visits, project work and case studies, students have the chance to gain knowledge in modern methods of development and production.

The study program begins in September of each year: a master's degree can be achieved after the standard study period of three semesters (1,5 years). The language of instruction in all lectures is English. The Automotive Systems program was accredited in 2007 by ASIIN.

Career perspectives

Graduates of this program are qualified to

  • develop automotive feed-back control systems in their complexity
  • understand and apply modern developing methods
  • apply demanding mathematic methods
  • understand physical aspects of vehicle dynamics and develop feedback control systems to improve active safety and driving comfort
  • understand physical aspects of powertrain engineering and, based on it, to develop new powertrain concepts (hybrid, fuel cell, electrical drive) for the improvement of environmental sustainability
  • develop hardware (controller) for automotive electronics and hardware components and their integration in the car, taking into account automotive boundary conditions (function, packaging, EMC...)
  • develop safe and secure software for embedded systems
  • develop bus and communication systems and safety concepts for automotive feedback control sytems and infotainment and to handle their complexity

Through the acquisition of management methods and a knowledge of global engineering, graduates of this program are able to communicate well as project leaders in international and interdisciplinary team work. They are qualified to work in various fields of the profession, first and foremost for the automotive manufacturer (OEMs) and the automotive supplier industry. They can take up work in the fields of environment, mobility or traffic.

Course of study

Students of the Master of Engineering in Automotive Systems choose between three possible majors:   

  • Vehicle Dynamics   
  • Car Electronics   
  • Software-Based Automotive Systems

Vehicle Dynamics graduates aim to work in the field of development and testing of  innovative functions to improve ride & handling, stability, driveability and fuel economy.

Software Based Automotive Systems graduates aim to work in the field of development, market launch and supervision of innovative car communication systems and safe software.

Car Electronics graduates aim to work in the field of specification, development and testing of control units and their integration in the car.


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Ms Ute Brinkmann
M.Eng. Program Manager
Tel. +49(0)711.397-44 74
E-Mail: mengasm@no-spamhs-esslingen.de 

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