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Cruise Tourism Management (B.A.)

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Three "Decks" of CTM
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Studying Cruise Tourism Management

The Cruise Tourism Management programme aims to educate and qualify young people for management positions in the tourism and cruise sector – a constantly growing market! It is a unique 4-year undergraduate programme leading to the Bachelor of Arts (BA) degree. The programme is taught in English and involves studies in the area of business administration, tourism and cruises. One integrative mandatory component is a year abroad. Students can either study at universities or work in companies all over the world. During this time students gain fundamental job experience and improve their cross-cultural understanding. After returning back to Bremerhaven, students apply their gained skillswithin consulting projects which are carried out in cooperation with tourism organisations. This unique programme is characterized by a student-oriented and innovative teaching style which involves lots of teamwork and small working groups. Having successfully finished the programme, students get the qualification for 1-year Master programmes and can look forward to promising career opportunities.

Degree: Bachelor of Arts
Methods: self-directed learning, lectures
Period of study: 4-year-full-time programme (240 ECTS credits) 
Projects: 2 semesters of applied project work for external clients in the final year
Language: English
Internationality: 2 semesters abroad (internship and/or semester abroad)
Field of study: Business and management degree with a focus on tourism and cruises
Requirements: higher education entrance qualification; English C1; For international students: English C1; German B1

Programme Structure

The three decks of CTM represent the structure of the study course. During the programme students will develop a general understanding of business and management which provides a strong foundation for further industry-specific knowledge. On top, additional competences such as soft skills and working in teams are developed.

The CTM programme includes 8 semesters. each of which consisting of various basic modules and a so-called integration module. The integration modules support the integration and application of the knowledge and understanding gained in the basic modules through problem- and project-based learning. Throughout the programme, each semester follows a specific theme: 

  1. Making Sense of Business: This semester provides a big picture of economic activity and decision-making, the functioning of companies, the business environment and management.
  2. Developing Product Offerings: The second semester concentrates on the market and customer-oriented development and management of products.
  3. Designing Activity Systems: Business models and processes, value chains and value networks through which resources are transformed into products are of special interest in this semester.

  4. Managing the Resource Base: The value and scarcity of resources as well as their efficient and sustainable use are in the focus of this semester.
  5. Broadening your Horizon: Experience one year abroad working for a tourism related company

  6. Broadening your Horizon: Studying at one of our international partner universities.
  7. Managing Business Development: The semester is concerned with corporate
    development issues such as business start-ups, innovation, strategy and organisational change. Next to that students start their yearlong Tourism-Consulting-Project
  8. Bringing it All Together: In the final semester students will bring it all together in writing their Bachelor thesis.

The yearning for distant lands - a year abroad

After studying for two years, students get the chance to transfer their newly gained knowledge into life outside the university. Both the 5th and 6th Semester are spent abroad – either studying in a foreign country or working for interesting companies. During this year students gain experiences which will help them not only to improve their academic skills but also to grow personally. There are two possibilities to spend the year: students can either study abroad for one semester followed by an internship or do two internships.

For further information on studying abroad, please click here >

For further information on working abroad, please click here >

The Cruise Industry

The tourism sector in general has proven to be a significant economic factor world-wide and cruises is one type of holiday that has been particularly booming, crisis-resistant and innovative.

With ships ranging from luxurious cruise liners to expedition cruise ships, this type of holiday fascinates continuously growing numbers of people. The cruise industry has changed from focusing on a particular target group to attracting the mass market. Cruise ships nowadays are not just swimming hotels but rather destinations themselves. They are equipped with shopping centres, world-class restaurants and leisure facilities such as large water slides, race tracks, surf simulators or mini golf courses. Worldwide passenger numbers are expected to grow to 27.2 million soon and cruise lines keep expanding their fleets. Cruise ships can carry up to over 6,000 passengers and go to thousands of destinations worldwide.

For cruises to be exciting, eventful, relaxing and at the same time affordable for the passengers but still profitable for the suppliers, a lot of hard work must be done behind the scenes, both on board and ashore.  A wide variety of aspects come together in the preparation and operation of cruises: economics, transportation, hospitality, entertainment, technology, logistics, navigation, safety, environmental protection, languages, cultures – and above all: people. All these aspects must be planned, steered and monitored which is referred to as “management” and this is where Cruise Tourism Management chips in. Our unique programme prepares students for all of these business and management tasks in the cruise sector as well as related industries.

Career Opportunities

As a Cruise Tourism Management graduate there are numerous opportunities regarding  how to start a career. Many graduates decide to work in the cruise industry. While some adventurous graduates work onboard a cruise ship for  some time, our students’ qualifications mainly fit land-based management positions. Potential employers are cruise shipping companies, cruise operators, cruise terminals, cruise handling and port agents as well as their suppliers and partners.

Graduates who would like to work in tourism but not necessarily in the cruise sector find jobs at tour operators, travel agencies, hotel chains or destination management companies. Specialised consulting firms, associations and public institutions in the tourism sector are also potential employers.

Thanks to the broad scope of knowledge that CTM students gain during their studies it is also possible to start a career in a different industry. With a suitable Master’s degree graduates can work in other areas of the leisure industry, related service sectors or even the finance sector.

Our graduates have been hired by: Royal Caribbean Cruise Line, Hapag-Lloyd Cruises, TUI Deutschland, Kuoni, Comdirect Bank, McKinsey & Co. and many more.
Master studies

Every year, many of our graduates decide to continue their studies at Master's level. Given their English language skills and their international orientation, we encourage them to apply to universities abroad, especially in the UK where Master degrees have a long tradition.

In the UK, most Master programmes are only one year long. This matches perfectly our 4-year CTM programme because the European higher education framework demands a minimum of 5 years of study before a Master's degree can be obtained.

Of course, there are also numerous opportunities in Germany. Many renowned universities offer advanced tourism programmes but graduates can also choose to deepen their knowledge in a different field. Some students specialize in Human Resource Management, Finance or Economics.  


The study counseling is carried out by Prof. Dr. Kai Havekost >

Student Advisory Service

The Student Advisory Service of the University of Applied Sciences Bremerhaven is your first point of contact for questions and concerns concerning the study orientation and the admission to study.

Detailed information is available here >

Natalie Stellmacher, M.A.
Tel.: 0471/4823-556
E-Mail: studienberatung@no-spamhs-bremerhaven.de

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