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Master’s Program Ecotoxicology (M.Sc.) / Ökotoxikologie (M.Sc.)

Universität Koblenz-Landau, Studienort Landau

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Structure of the Master‘s Program Ecotoxicology (CP = Credit points)
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Studying Ecotoxicology - (almost) unique in Germany

Considering the increasing use of chemicals, it is essential to analyze the impacts of chemicals on the biotic environment and to develop and apply methods for exposure and effect assessment as well as for risk management. This is the aim of Ecotoxicology, an interdisciplinary science discipline integrating concepts of environmental chemistry, toxicology and ecology.

The Master program Ecotoxicology is one of the first opportunities to study this subject at a German university. It was developed following the philosophy that Ecotoxicology is a discipline strongly linked with ecology and as such considers effects on the individual, population, community and ecosystem scale in its respective spatial context. The program benefits from the wide variety of current ecotoxicological research in Landau.

Employment Prospects

The Master program enables graduates to conduct independent scientific work and to fulfill leading positions. A well-balanced combination of theoretical and practical courses at the university and internships at other academic or private research organizations prepare the graduates for many employment opportunities in the numerous emerging fields of ecotoxicology:
Scientific facilities and research institutes
Authorities, public offices and ministries on the subject of crop protection and chemical safety


Consulting enterprises
The international orientation of the program qualifies graduates for the international job market.


The Master program provides a competent education in ecotoxicology along with a basic and application-oriented understanding of the fate, distribution, effects, risk assessment and risk management of chemicals in our environment. Profound knowledge and competences in the fields of principles and methods of ecotoxicology and environmental analysis, regulatory background as well as monitoring, statistics, modelling, assessment and management in ecotoxicology are taught. In addition, an insight into other disciplines such as applied environmental chemistry & physics, applied ecology, geo-ecology and socioeconomics & environmental management promotes an interdisciplinary perception and the development of integrative approaches. On this basis the graduates are able to work independently on ecotoxicological problems and are competent to analyze and interpret these problems. They are also enabled to present the results to an international professional audience.

Special components of the program are an eight-week internship (Applied Module at External Organisations), which can be performed at an external research institute or industry partner in Germany or abroad, and the Research Project Course, during which the students participate in a research project of the university for ten weeks. The degree is to be completed with the Master thesis and an additional colloquium. The program is conducted in English.

The Master Program is open to graduates holding a Bachelor in environmental sciences, any natural science discipline, ecology, environmental chemistry, environmental informatics or similar disciplines.

The University

The University of Koblenz-Landau is a young university with a unique structure. You can find us in three locations: the campus in Koblenz, the campus in Landau and the Presidential Office in Mainz. Currently more than 16,000 students are enrolled; half of them in Koblenz, the other half in Landau. Compared to larger universities, studying and teaching is conducted in manageable structures, which fosters a strong sense of community among the students and leads to a good student-staff ratio and individual support.

Connected and international

We cooperate with partner universities all around the world in research as well as in teaching. Young people from over 80 countries study on our campuses. We also accompany our students on their adventure abroad. By the way: The University of Koblenz-Landau is an ideal starting point for visionaries: We support you competently on your way to your own business. Family-friendliness is also important to us. Our locations have modern day care centers with qualified staff.

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Master of ecotoxicology

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