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Mechatronics / Mechatronik (B.Eng.)

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Mechatronics is a relatively new and highly innovative engineering discipline. It combines the expertise from areas of electrical and mechanical engineering with information processing. Mechatronic systems normally work on the sense-think-act paradigm. They collect information with the help of sensors (sense-phase). This information is processed and decisions are made with the help of computers or microcontrollers (think-phase). These decisions are passed on to actuators in order to generate proper forces or movements (act-phase). Such systems are present in almost every branch of industry. Common examples of these systems are robots; unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs); unmanned ground vehicles (UGVs); 3-D printers; ABS, ESP, electronic throttle and power windows of a vehicle etc. There are seldom new products, which are only mechanical, only electrical or only electronic devices. In new technical products electronic and electromechanical components are combined with information processing units and software, which makes them “intelligent machines”. In order to design such machines, engineers need a solid understanding of all these fields. The degree programme Mechatronics at FHWS is the answer to this challenge. It combines the competences from areas of electrical and mechanical engineering with information processing. In addition to delivering a solid understanding of the key areas, this programme aims to develop further skills needed to carry out and manage engineering projects.

Twin Programmes
FHWS offers two degree programmes with the same content but in two different languages. The degree programme Mechatronics is offered in English while its twin programme Mechatronik is in German. This provides the students a great flexibility to freely switch between courses and languages. If a student, who starts his studies in English, is not comfortable with the language of instruction then he can switch to the German programme at any time. By mixing the courses from both programmes, a student can obtain a Twin Certificate, which certifies that he is perfectly qualified for a successful career in German as well as international working environments.

Info für Studienbewerber aus Deutschland

Mit ihren TWIN-Programmen bietet Ihnen die Hochschule Würzburg-Schweinfurt die einzigartige Möglichkeit ein internationales Studium mit null Risiko in Deutschland zu absolvieren. Sie können ihr Studium

  • komplett in Deutsch,
  • komplett in Englisch, oder
  • gemischt


Programme Structure

The whole degree programme is divided in three phases.

Foundation phase (Semesters 1-3): The modules offered in this phase build a solid foundation for mechatronics. In addition to mathematics, computing, physics and fundamentals of engineering sciences some general electives, soft skills and foreign languages are also included in the curriculum.

Core phase (Semesters 4-5): This phase of the degree programme deals with core modules of mechatronics. The theory and lab courses offered at this stage involve control systems, measuring techniques, actuators, software engineering, embedded systems, design & simulation of mechatronic systems etc. A wide range of core electives with direct industrial relevance to automation, robotics, automotive, manufacturing and power sectors is also offered in the fifth semester.

Application and Industrial Phase (Semester 6-7): The final phase of the study programme involves practical training with real-world problems. The major part of the sixth semester is an internship in industry. During this internship students get chances to apply their knowledge to industrial problems. This way they develop a problem-solving approach. The seventh semester involves an engineering project, a bachelor’s thesis, a seminar and some interdisciplinary lab work.

Career Prospects

The multidisciplinary competencies of mechatronics engineers enable them to assume coordination and leading jobs in project teams involving engineers of other disciplines like electrical, mechanical and software engineering. The study programme at FHWS is highly practical. The interaction of students with the industry during the internship and the bachelor’s thesis, normally, paves the path to a fascinating career in a national or multinational company. Potential employers are companies from various industrial sectors like automotive, aerospace, robotics, manufacturing, material processing, energy systems, drives, printing, medical systems and consumer products. Schweinfurt, being an industrial hub, offers plenty of jobs.

Admission Requirements

University entrance qualification
Certificate of completion of secondary education. Proof of previous higher education and qualifications (if applicable).

Knowledge of English
A solid knowledge of the English language (at least B2 level of CEFR) is required for studies at FHWS. Applicants whose previous education is not in English, are advised to achieve:

  • TOEFL test with a min. of 80 points (Internet-based)
  • IELTS with a min. of 6.5 points
  • Cambridge Certificate on Advanced level (CAE)

Knowledge of German
Non-native speakers must demonstrate knowledge of the German language at A2 level of CEFR. This proficiency level with corresponding certificate can also be achieved within the first two semesters of your studies at FHWS. The university will organise special German classes for international students.

Pre-study internship
A 6-week technical internship should be completed before the start of studies and it has to be organised by the students themselves. In some exceptional cases it can be completed during the first two semesters.

Tuition Fees
The education is state-funded and free for all German as well as international students. Students at FHWS in Schweinfurt only have to pay an administrative fee of € 80 per semester.

Applications have to be submitted online and via post. The formal deadline for applications is 15 July for the following winter semester. An early application is highly recommended for international students. For further information on terms and conditions, please check our websites: www.international.fhws.de

At a glance

Degree programme Mechatronics / Mechatronik
Graduation degree Bachelor of Engineering (B.Eng.)
Language of instruction Full flexibility between English and German
Course duration 7 Semesters
University location Schweinfurt
Tuition Fee No
Programme orientation Interdisciplinary: involving electrical engineering, mechanical engineering, information processing and soft skills
Highly application-oriented, International

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