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Your Personal Notepad

With over 1000 universities and more than 60,000 available Study Courses in Europe, it's easy to lose track of what you're doing. Keep your notes from getting cluttered with the xStudy.EU Notepad!

This convenient way to organise your choice of degree programmes keeps you focused on precisely those course offerings and universities which are of most interest to you.

Create New Notepad / Login to Existing Notepad

Here's how it works: Collect your favourite study options on your personal xStudy.EU Notepad by clicking on this icon , which you'll find next to every course description. We will send your Notepad to you by e-mail so that you can access it and update it whenever you wish.

E-mail recipient

Further Procedures: Once your registration is complete, we'll send you a personal link to the e-mail address you specify. Use this link to view and edit your Notepad; you're the only one who has access to your Notepad. Please remember the Notepad will be deleted 30 days after the last time you view or edit it.